Our local automotive services in Aloha have the chain shops beat in every way that matters. Here are the top five reasons to choose Clarke’s Discount for almost any service your vehicle requires:

  • Save Money
    • Local car repair shops have the ability to tailor their pricing to the job at hand, instead of charging a flat rate set by a big corporation. Pricing is based on the cost of parts and the labor required to get the job done. As a result, your bill will be much more manageable.
  • Customer Service
    • It is true in all industries that people who enjoy their work will treat their customers well. Whether you call before stopping by, or decide to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of trouble, you will meet courteous employees who actually want to be helpful. We do our best to relay all the details of your car’s problems in terms you will understand.
  • Expertise
    • While we don’t look down on the mechanics that work at chains, we do believe that our services are significantly better than the average repair shop. Often, the chains provide a career mechanic with a starting ground and base pay that helps them succeed. Why gamble on a mixed bag of paycheck seekers among the big chain mechanics when you know a local car repair shop only hires the best?
  • Closer To Home
    • By choosing to spend your money at local car repair shops instead of chains, you keep money within the community. Your support allows local business owners to employ expert mechanics that live in town.
  • Familiarity
    • When you choose Clarke’s Discount for your car’s repair needs, you enjoy several benefits. Our mechanics gain knowledge of your vehicle’s particular quirks and can spot problems before they become big issues.

Bring your car to Clarke’s Discount and see for yourself why local car repair shops are better than chains. We will treat you and your car right!