1. Three Things to Look for in a Mechanic

    When your car breaks down, or you need to take it in for an oil change, it’s important to have a mechanic who is going to be able to work on your car in a timely and efficient manner. When you drive away after having your car serviced, you should feel confident that you’re going to be able to make it home or back to the office without any problems. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, we pride our…Read More

  2. Strange Noises and What They Mean

    When you’re driving your car, you’re accustomed to certain noises such as the engine running or the air conditioner as it blows cold air out of the vents. What you’re not accustomed to are those strange sounds that come out of nowhere and that often scare you. While you can turn the radio up or choose to ignore them, strange clunks and bangs coming from your car should be inspected as soon a…Read More

  3. When to Check Things on Your Car

    At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, our mechanics know how to work on a variety of Asian and domestic vehicles, and they’re always happy to help however they can. If you’ve been driving your car for a while without bringing it in for an oil change or routine service, then take the time to schedule an appointment today. The last thing we want is for you to be driving down the road and for somethin…Read More

  4. Get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

    At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, we want you to have an enjoyable summer, whether you’re relaxing at home or hitting the road. If you are planning to do some driving, whether in town or on the highway, you’ll want to be sure that you budget for gas. With gas prices likely to rise over the summer, it can be beneficial to take some steps to get better gas mileage out of your car. In this post, w…Read More

  5. Is Your Transmission Slipping?

    Whether you drive a car with a manual or an automatic transmission, it’s important to make sure that the transmission is in great shape at all times. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, our certified mechanics can take a look at your car whenever you need us to, and if you’ve noticed that your transmission is “slipping,” or you’re having trouble shifting, then bring your vehicle to use righ…Read More

  6. Is Your Car’s AC Ready for Summer?

    It might only be the middle of April, but summer will be here before you know it, and if you’re heading out on a road trip or driving to work every day, it’s important that you car’s air conditioner is working properly. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, we offer expert auto repair, including cooling services that will help you stay comfortable all season long, no matter how much time you spen…Read More

  7. Planning a Spring Road Trip?

    Spring is finally here, and your first priority may be to take a few days off and hit the road. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, our mechanics can make sure your car or truck is ready for the long trip ahead of you. There are some things that should be checked before you leave for your trip, and failing to do so could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere! 1. Oil Change If it’s been some t…Read More

  8. Five Common Car Problems

    You rely on your car every single day, and if something goes wrong with it, you need a reliable auto repair service that can get you back on the road quickly. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, we can work on a number of makes and models, and we can get to the bottom of your automotive issue quickly. If you have an Asian or American vehicle, we can repair it! In this post, we’ll look at five commo…Read More

  9. What to Know About Radiator Repair

    If you have ever seen someone stopped on the side of the Tualatin Highway with the hood up and streams of steam bellowing out of it, there’s a good chance it’s a problem with the radiator. The radiator is just one part of the cooling system in your car, which, even though it’s winter outside, still needs to function in order to keep your car running. However, when there’s a problem with th…Read More

  10. How to Jump a Car

    We’ve all been there. Whether we leave the lights on or left the battery on with the engine off, a dead battery is a sure way of messing up a schedule and putting a big dent in the day. A dead battery means trying to wave down another vehicle who hopefully has jumper cables, calling a friend, or a car service who can come give your car a jump. Either way, you’ll need to know how to jump the ca…Read More

  11. When Should Brakes be Replaced?

    When you drive, you get in the car, turn the ignition, put the car in drive, and go. With a working car, there’s not much beyond that. But one thing that is absolutely essential in a properly functioning and safe car is the brake system. Traveling on the highway or through a residential area, if your brakes aren’t working efficiently, it can cause serious damage. Heading into the winter weathe…Read More

  12. Your Car’s Winter Checklist

    Fall has been around for a while and November is coming up, which means the days are getting shorter and colder, and the nights are getting icy, leaving a shell over your car’s windshield. There are many struggles that we fight against during these cold months, waiting for the car to warm up or chipping away at the ice, driving through the snow, worrying about ice on the roads, and hoping the he…Read More

  13. When is it Time to Replace Your Tires?

    We drive to work and back, to the grocery store, on road trips, to pick up the kids from school, and endless other places. When was the last time you thought about replacing your tires? Your auto repair shop may have mentioned something at your last oil change? The tires of your car may not be something you pay much attention to, but being able to rely on them is priceless. At Clarke’s Discount …Read More

  14. Benefits Of Hiring Auto Repair Technicians

    All vehicle owners usually face problems at some point during the life of their vehicle, and it is essential to repair it properly with professional automobile services in Aloha when these problems occur. Unfortunately, many car owners do not have the experience and expertise to fix things on their own so one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle receives the best care possible is to hire auto r…Read More

  15. The Benefits of Professional AC Care

    When your vehicle’s air conditioning system just can’t seem to produce that refreshing, frigid air it once did, you may consider a professional evacuation and recharge service. Evacuating and recharging your AC system is a more complicated process than a simple top-off service, which (overly simplified) consists of charging refrigerant (what used to be mostly Freon) into your car to replace wh…Read More

  16. Name That Engine Noise

    Even those with many years of experience in car repairs can be fooled by different engine sounds. To make matters more difficult, sometimes minor or innocent-sounding engine noises may signal a severe problem, while a loud, scary thud might be fixed with a twenty dollar part. Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha knows there is one thing that is certain! You shouldn’t ignore car engin…Read More

  17. Why Is My Check Engine Light On? Is It Serious?

    If you are wondering why your check engine light is on and if it is a major or minor issue, Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha is here to help with the top five reasons your check engine light may come on. Your oxygen sensor needs replacing Your oxygen sensor measures the amount of unburned oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust system. What if I don’t replace it? Your engine will burn…Read More

  18. The Many Different Dashboard Lights

    As cars have become more complex, the number of different dashboard warning lights have grown significantly. Modern electronic systems like airbags and stability control are constantly self-testing, and it is important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and let Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha investigate it…Read More

  19. 5 Ways Local Car Repair Shops Are Better Than Chains

    Our local automotive services in Aloha have the chain shops beat in every way that matters. Here are the top five reasons to choose Clarke’s Discount for almost any service your vehicle requires: Save Money Local car repair shops have the ability to tailor their pricing to the job at hand, instead of charging a flat rate set by a big corporation. Pricing is based on the cost of parts and the lab…Read More

  20. Why Your Vehicle’s Engine Needs Motor Oil

    Is that sticker on the upper left-hand corner of your windshield telling you that your vehicle needs an oil change? Perhaps you’ve been putting it off because even that fairly inexpensive service just takes too much time. Don’t wait! Your engine depends on motor oil to run correctly and to run for many years to come. Your car’s engine relies on oil to (1) lubricate its moving parts to reduce…Read More

  21. Choosing The Right Repair Shop

    No matter what you drive, when you go in for repairs or service, you want the job done right. The following advice from Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha should take much of the guesswork out of finding the right repair shop. Don’t just blindly drop off your vehicle at the nearest shop and hope for the best. Follow these steps for the best results. Read your owner’s manual to be…Read More

  22. How To Jump Your Car’s Battery

    A car battery is essential to your car functioning properly, and when your car battery dies, you know it immediately. Your battery can die if you left your lights on for too long or were jamming out to your radio without your car running to keep the battery charged. The good news is it’s easy to fix a dead battery. A great temporary fix is to jump your car battery using jumper cables and either …Read More

  23. The Importance Of Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Battery

    Winter is right around the corner bringing cooler temperatures to the nation. Nothing starts your day off on the wrong foot more than a dead car battery when you need to get to work. In order to have a proper working vehicle, your battery needs to be in good working order as well. Having clean connections and a fully charged battery is a benefit for you as well as your vehicle. Without the battery…Read More