Your car takes you from point A to point B and you need to be able to rely on that vehicle to do so safely and without worry. When you start to hear that tell tale sign of your brakes going out, that trust in your vehicle begins to fade. That’s when it becomes time schedule an appointment at Clarke’s Discount auto repair shop in Aloha, OR.

At Clarke’s Discount, we specialize in brakes and power steering services and repairs for Asian and Domestic makes and models. Before we start work on your car, we offer a free diagnosis to make sure you understand what needs to be done and that it falls within your budget. If you ever feel unsure about a noise or aren’t sure if something is working properly, come in and see a mechanic that you can trust.

If you aren’t sure what the signs that your brakes or power steering aren’t working, here are a few:

Signs Your Brakes Need to be Checked

Whether you’re stopping at a stop sign in a residential area, or need to break suddenly on the highway, when your brakes aren’t working as efficiently as they should be, it could cause a serious accident. We hope that it doesn’t come to that, so be aware of these warning signs.

  • Worn Pads: Most cars are equipped with disc brakes. These function by a set of padded clamps known as calipers that squeeze together on a disc called a rotor that causes the car to stop. When these pads become worn down, the brakes do not function properly.
  • Strange Noises: The most common sign of brakes needing to be checked is a squealing sound that occurs when you press down the brake pedal. You should also listen for a grinding sound, which comes from the metal calipers grinding against the rotors.
  • Pulling: If you ever feel your car is pulling to one side, your brakes could be the culprit. The cause could be a stuck caliper, uneven brake pads, or a collapsed brake hose.

Signs Your Power Steering Needs to be Checked

You might be able to get away without the power steering working, but it will be a workout for your arms. Call Clarke’s auto repair shop as soon as you begin noticing these warning signs.

  • The Color of the Fluid: Old power steering fluid can cause the tubes to gum up, making it hard for the fluid to move throughout the system efficiently and cause steering failures. New fluid is red and has a distinct odor.
  • Squealing: Any unusual noise in your car isn’t a good sign. If you hear a squealing sound when you turn around sharp corners or when driving slowly, the steering pump could be failing.
  • Hard Steering: When it becomes harder and harder to turn the wheel in addition to a pump noise, it’s probably the power steering. This can be caused by low oil, a loose pump belt, or a steering pump that has gone bad.

Brake signs can sneak up on you, so being aware of what to listen for will help you find and fix any problems that occur. Power steering may be a little more obvious, but still important to know the warning signs. If you need brake replacement, power steering service or repairs, or any related servicing, call your local auto repair shop in Aloha for an appointment.