Good car care doesn’t have to require greasy fingernails, bloody knuckles or oily footprints on the carpet. With the following car care service tips from Clarke’s Discount you can help keep your vehicle healthy and your hands clean. These tips will not replace regular maintenance, but if you follow them, you may not need the help of a professional as often.

  1. Take regular road trips
    1. People love short commutes but vehicles hate them. Every so often, engine oil needs to get hot enough to boil off moisture that condenses inside the engine.
  2. Once you stop, don’t move
    1. When you get home for the day, park your car where it is going to stay for the night. Otherwise you are blending oil and moisture like a short-distance commuter.
  3. Allow your car to awaken slowly
    1. For the initial start of the day, give your car a few seconds to wake up. A long warm-up is not necessary for the car and is harmful to the environment. This is to make sure engine oil and transmission fluid have reached all the places they need to go.
  4. Let your car stretch
    1. After you start driving, allowing your vehicle a few minutes to do the auto equivalent of stretching exercises. Keeping both engine speed and road speed low and avoiding hard acceleration ensures that lubricants can spread out.
  5. Keep revs to a minimum
    1. This is mainly aimed at manual transmissions. Unless you are trying to go fast, keep the engine speed as low as possible.

There are many ways to maintain your vehicle’s overall health that don’t involve doing the “dirty work.” Keep your car happy while keeping you on the road.