Even those with many years of experience in car repairs can be fooled by different engine sounds. To make matters more difficult, sometimes minor or innocent-sounding engine noises may signal a severe problem, while a loud, scary thud might be fixed with a twenty dollar part. Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha knows there is one thing that is certain! You shouldn’t ignore car engine noise. Here are some general guidelines about engine noise:

See if the car engine noise you are hearing matches any of the following sounds. Then look at some common reasons for that particular sound.

  • Whirring
    • This could mean a bad water pump, power steering pump or alternator, or low power steering fluid level.
  • Knocking
    • This could be an issue with the distributor cap, timing chain or spark plugs.
  • Pinging
    • This could indicate a problem with the crankshaft, timing gears, or transmission mount.
  • Hissing
    • Possibly pointing to a problem with the cooling system, exhaust, catalytic converter or vacuum line.
  • Popping
    • This could be an issue with the ignition wires, air filter, distributor cap, ignition module or engine compression.
  • Grinding/Screeching
    • Hearing these engine sounds when you turn the ignition could mean there is a problem with the starter. If these sounds occur when you apply the brakes, it most likely means you have worn brake pads or rotors.

Don’t turn your back on engine noise, and hope that it will just go away on its own. Chances are it won’t and you will wind up with an even bigger problem. Come see why Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha is the best local repair shop around.