Your comfort is a priority when you spend hours in your vehicle each week. Even if you only drive your car for short distances every so often, it’s quite nice when it can be the temperature and level of comfort you desire. That’s why heating and air conditioning service, repair, and maintenance are important pieces of vehicle upkeep throughout the years, so you can always rely on your car to heat you when you’re cold and cool you when you’re hot.

Clarke’s Discount specializes in heating and A/C service for Asian and Domestic makes and models. We offer a free diagnosis before all jobs to make sure everyone is on the same page about the best method of care before starting work.

Common Heater & A/C Services

  • Heater service: This type of service makes sure the air you feel is as warm as it should be and that it is blowing at an appropriate speed. Check up on the temperature and fan speed with a quick heater inspection followed by any necessary repairs.
  • Heater core replacement: If you don’t feel any heat in the cabin of your car, it could be because the heater core is no longer transferring heat between the engine and the cab. The problem could be with the tubing, fins, coolant, or fans.
  • Heater hose service: Heater hoses are used to transfer antifreeze between the hot engine and the heater core. Routine inspections can spot possible holes or leaks in the hose, which can prevent heat from warming the cab or antifreeze from cooling the engine.
  • Thermostat: If your car seems to be overheating and you don’t notice any temperature regulation inside the vehicle, there may be a problem with the thermostat. This metal valve detects the temperature of the coolant coming from the engine and regulates antifreeze distribution to keep the engine from overheating. It also helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin.
  • Dash control components: Often the most used part of the heater and A/C unit by the driver and passengers is the dash control. These controls help you regulate the air direction, fan speed, and temperature inside the cabin.
  • Automatic temperature control systems: Also known as ATC systems, automatic temperature control systems connect various parts under the hood to regulate the temperature inside the cabin once you set it. Some of the parts in the system include electric motors, vacuum solenoids, refrigeration, ductwork, and wiring.
  • A/C evacuate and recharge service: An air conditioner can begin to deteriorate over time, and you may notice that it doesn’t have quite the chilling power it once did. If this is the case, you may not need to replace the whole unit. It could be that the refrigerant needs to be exchanged and the system recharged. This cleanses the refrigerant and boosts the system to be like new.

When your car doesn’t pump out the A/C or heat like you want it to, bring it to Clarke’s Discount. We provide free diagnostics for every customer so you can decide which repairs are best for you.