Summer eventually arrives year after year and it always means your vehicle’s air conditioning system is going to be under serious strain. If you have not had your system serviced for awhile, now is the time. While most newer vehicles may simply be able to get away with having their A/C recharged, older cars and trucks may require a little extra attention. While you can technically recharge your vehicle’s refrigerant yourself, it is best left to a Clarke’s Discount professional mechanic. Once you bring your car in, technicians will measure the amount of pressure in your system, and if it is low they will add enough refrigerant to get the reading to your manufacturer’s specifications. They will run your car for a few minutes with the A/C on high and use a special thermometer to measure the system’s output. If it is not within the necessary guidelines, you may have a leak somewhere in your system.

Fixing a leak is trickier than you might think. Your technician will hook your vehicle up to a special refrigerant recovery system and drain any of the harmful gas from your car. At this point, the technician will inspect all of your system’s hard lines to make sure there are no obvious cracks. They may add a tracer dye to the system to help identify any problems. Don’t get stuck in the heat without cool air to keep you comfortable. Come to us and we’ll make sure your air conditioning is running properly.