1. Three Things to Look for in a Mechanic

    When your car breaks down, or you need to take it in for an oil change, it’s important to have a mechanic who is going to be able to work on your car in a timely and efficient manner. When you drive away after having your car serviced, you should feel confident that you’re going to be able to make it home or back to the office without any problems. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, we pride our…Read More

  2. When to Check Things on Your Car

    At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, our mechanics know how to work on a variety of Asian and domestic vehicles, and they’re always happy to help however they can. If you’ve been driving your car for a while without bringing it in for an oil change or routine service, then take the time to schedule an appointment today. The last thing we want is for you to be driving down the road and for somethin…Read More

  3. Is Your Transmission Slipping?

    Whether you drive a car with a manual or an automatic transmission, it’s important to make sure that the transmission is in great shape at all times. At Clarke’s Discount in Aloha, our certified mechanics can take a look at your car whenever you need us to, and if you’ve noticed that your transmission is “slipping,” or you’re having trouble shifting, then bring your vehicle to use righ…Read More