When your vehicle’s air conditioning system just can’t seem to produce that refreshing, frigid air it once did, you may consider a professional evacuation and recharge service. Evacuating and recharging your AC system is a more complicated process than a simple top-off service, which (overly simplified) consists of charging refrigerant (what used to be mostly Freon) into your car to replace what has depleted (or likely leaked out if your system has a leak). A top-off is generally cheaper than a full evacuation and recharge, but the full service may be what your vehicle needs.

The top-off service has become more of a DIY service in recent years, but clear and correct instructions for this procedure must be followed for safety. A professional top-off may be less stressful for you, however, since there is no way to measure how much refrigerant there is remaining in your vehicle’s AC system. Even professionals must rely on experience to estimate how much refrigerant your system needs, so there is always the risk of under or overcharging it. Many modern vehicles’ AC systems will automatically shut down if they have been overcharged.

An evacuation and recharge service can get your AC System back on track. During this service, all refrigerant is cleared from the system, recycled to remove impurities, and recharged into the system. Lastly, a technician will top-off the refrigerant, this time without having to guess the amount needed. Since the technician is able to use the exact, manufacturer recommended amount, your AC system should perform as intended.

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