One thing that always seems to be on everybody’s to-do list is changing the oil in their cars. It is just one of those things that is a time consuming hassle. We all know it is something we should get around to doing more times than we would like to admit especially when the dashboard light stays on for an extended period of time. Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your car at peak performance and maximize the life of your car, increase horsepower and make sure all cylinders are firing. The real reason you should change your oil is the significant damage that not changing your oil can inflict on your car. The oil lubricates all moving parts and not changing your oil can have serious consequences on your engine. Not having oil or only having oil that is no longer good due to dirt build-up increases the risk of having important parts jam, not work properly or fail altogether.

There are two ways to have your oil changed. You can do it yourself or you can have a professional mechanic do it. Because of today’s rules and restrictions regarding the disposal of oil, it is recommended that a professional does it. Don’t ignore the importance of changing your oil. Especially with colder weather right around the corner, you want your car running to its full potential. Take advantage of our oil change specials and let Clarke’s Discount, Inc. handle the details of all your auto maintenance needs.