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As cars have become more complex, the number of different dashboard warning lights have grown significantly. Modern electronic systems like airbags and stability control are constantly self-testing, and it is important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and let Clarke’s Discount automotive services in Aloha investigate it later. If a warning light comes on after you have started the engine, you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place. Here are a few examples of your car’s warning lights:

  • Oil pressure warning light
    • This light should illuminate when the ignition is switched on and should extinguish as soon as the engine starts. If the light stays on after starting or lights up while driving, stop immediately, switch off the engine, and check the oil level.
  • Battery charge warning light
    • This light should illuminate when the ignition is switched on and should extinguish as soon as the engine starts. If it does not illuminate at all, or if it illuminates while driving, your battery is not being charged and there is a fault with your charging system.
  • Brake system warning light
    • This light will remain illuminated when the parking brake is engaged. If it stays lit after releasing the handbrake, it may indicate low brake fluid level.
  • Engine warning light
    • This illuminates when the ignition is switched on. It should go off as soon as the engine starts. If it comes on with the engine running, it indicates a malfunction with the engine management system. You should have this checked as soon as possible.
  • ABS warning light
    • This illuminates briefly to confirm the system is operational. Have it checked immediately if it comes on when driving.
  • Brake system and ABS warning lights
    • If both of these lights come on at the same time while driving, stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do.

You vehicle’s dashboard warning lights are a map to diagnosing a problem with your vehicle. If any of these lights come on, bring your car to us and we will get you safely back on the road.


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