Is that sticker on the upper left-hand corner of your windshield telling you that your vehicle needs an oil change? Perhaps you’ve been putting it off because even that fairly inexpensive service just takes too much time. Don’t wait! Your engine depends on motor oil to run correctly and to run for many years to come. Your car’s engine relies on oil to (1) lubricate its moving parts to reduce friction and (2) collect heat, varnish, and carbon to prevent buildup and consequential malfunctions.  


You vehicle’s engine is a complicated machine with many moving parts. New motor oil is a liquid and therefore effective at lubricating these moving parts and reducing friction where elements rub together. Over time, the oil degrades and picks up various contaminants such as varnish and carbon, causing it to thicken into more of a sludge than a liquid. As the viscosity of the motor oil increases, the effectiveness of the lubrication diminishes. Getting your oil changed regularly prevents engine damage due to old, thick motor oil.   

Carbon Collection

Gas car engines work by burning gasoline within the engine, which is why they are referred to as internal combustion engines. As with many other mechanisms within which high-energy fuel is ignited in a small space, there is a significant amount of carbon produced. In a car engine, some of this carbon gets collected by the motor oil that is lubricating the machine. Carbon buildup in engines is expected, but regular oil changes can help slow and reduce buildup over time. Carbon buildup can cause poor engine power, emissions, and fuel economy if it becomes excessive.

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